Artificial Reefs Establish New Fishing Structures

The Big Picture

Artificial reefs enhance the marine ecosystem and establish new fishing structure.  There are numerous examples of decommissioned vessels being successfully converted into artificial reefs, benefitting the marine environment and becoming a valuable fishing destination.

The Backdrop

Creating artificial reefs using excess naval ships can help restore our fragile ocean ecosystems and create opportunities for those who want to explore the biodiversity that would surround a sunken structure.

Go Deeper

The REEF Act will provide a new pathway for retired naval vessels to become artificial reefs and produce a boost to coastal communities.

Why it Matters

Artificial reefs create recreational opportunities, which produce millions in revenue for coastal economies and most notably, the REEF Act allows our veterans to see their former ships laid to rest at sea, rather than sold for scrap.

The Bottom Line

The REEF Act is beneficial to the environment, provides unique opportunities for veterans and boost regional and local economies.  The REEF Act is widely supported by both environmental and business organizations.

What You Can Do

Tell your elected representatives to support and co-sponsor the REEF Act today!

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